Teach Passionately//Learn Humbly


My name is Steve Martinez, a Social Science teacher from California. My experience in the classroom has proven that teaching is more than just giving students knowledge and skills. For me, it has been about humanizing the art of teaching by connecting with students, families, and members of the community to place the learner and their passions first. My classroom allows students to explore their own passions on their terms by leveraging their real world experiences. Additionally, the focus of understanding that we are all learners and embracing humility and a humble approach to reach personal and professional goals.

The goal for this space is to connect with other educators globally. My interest is placing every learner first despite our complex and sometimes difficult world. I would love to connect with other teachers who are interested in participating and collaborating on how to teach passionately and learn humbly, together.

Upcoming Events

When I speak at conferences I have no desire to speak at fellow professionals. Instead, I want to be part of a more important conversation of how we can be better for our students. Check out my schedule coming up:

IACUE Jan 21st!

NJECC 37th Annual Statewide Educational Technology Conference March 7th-8th (Virtual Only)