Kami Connect 2022 (February)

Steve breaking down Project-Based Learning at the 2022 Kami Connect.

Here is the Blog that Kami did for this session:

The Power of Project-Based Learning

Teacher Teacher Podcast

Steve talking on PBL on the wonderful Teacher Teacher Podcast. Watch or Listen here!

Blog post on this episode:

The benefits of project-based learning: Developing student curiosity

Kami Connect 2021 (July)

Steve at the Global Conference Kami Connect In July of 2021. My session was called Go Beyond Your Blended Classroom with Kami. You can still view my session here.

The Kami blog post inspired by this session:

Going Beyond Your Blended Classroom with Kami

Blended Learning & Digital Notebooks

Check out the Google Sites Steve uses to present on Digital Notebooks with a big App Smash: